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Milnor Pass-Through Dryers

Milnor's Pass-Through Dryers can be used as free-standing dryers to match up with large washer-extractors as well as tunnel washer systems. Many patented and unique features make these dryers highly productive and efficient.

Our parts department and Resident Field Service Technicians are located strategically throughout our territory which allows us to respond quickly to your needs. This ensures quality service so your commercial laundry equipment is always running smoothly.

Speed Boosts Productivity

Fast drying results from strong airflow and high heat input.

Simplified Lint Collection

Milnor's lint filter system eliminates the need to manually clean the dryer's lint filter. This system strips the dryer's internal lint filter clean after each dry cycle.

Controller Provides Efficiency

Microprocessor control allows field-programming for dry formulas. Dryer controls can also be linked to a Mildata computer system for central programming, system monitoring, and production reporting.

Built to Last

Milnor Pass-Through Dryers are built from quality and durable materials and painted with a powder-coat for thorough protection.

Fixed Tilt

This places the heaviest goods, which are generally the wettest, nearest the heat entry and also offers faster dry times and easier unloading.

Efficient Space Saving Design

Our mirror-mount design feature allows two 64058 dryers to install side-by-side. The motors and controls can mount on either side of the unit, optimizing floor space.

Patented Long-Life Energy-Saver Seal

Milnor maintains proper air flow by keeping the hot air flowing through the laundry without letting it escape around the outside of the basket.

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